Announcement - We're starting a PODCAST!

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Yes…you read that right, we’re starting a podcast! Over the last few months of traveling Kris and I have learned a few things (well a lot of things)…but one of which is that we do not enjoy writing very much. Additionally, the travel blog world is fairly saturated and we have been struggling with trying to figure out how to make ours stand out (we like to think we’re putting useful information out into the internet world).

Therefore, we decided to launch a podcast! This will allow us to write a little less, but still get our stories and information out there. There are also fewer travel podcasts than blogs at the moment.

Bolivian Salt Flats!

With this announcement you might have a few questions…we answer some below:

What is the name of the podcast?

We’re keeping the same name as our blog…Adventure 4 Good.

Will we be retiring the blog?

No! However, it is going to change a little bit. We plan to publish show notes when each podcast episode is published. These show notes will contain links to resources we discuss in the podcast, photos, and any numbers or other useful information we discuss. Occasionally, we may decide to publish a regular blog post as well, similar to what we have published up to this point.

Kuelap, Chachapoyas, Peru

What are our goals with the podcast?

We want to chronicle our travels on the podcast, including discussions on places we visit, volunteer opportunities, fun stories, and any other useful information we decide to include. We plan to turn our monthly budget update blog posts into a monthly segment on the podcast. The other major plan for our podcast is to interview incredible people that we encounter along the way. We’ve already conducted two interviews and we are super excited to share them with everyone. There are so many wonderful people that we’ve met already and we want to use the podcast as a platform to share their stories with a wider audience.

When will the podcast be available?

We are launching the first two episodes on October 1st! Spoiler alert…these first two episodes are background information on us. We’re learning how to do this all, so please be patient…I’m sure we’ll get even more exciting as we go!

How often will there be a new podcast?

The plan is to release a new episode every other week on Mondays. If we end up having more information to share, we’ll change this to a weekly podcast, but let’s see how it goes!

Where can I listen?

You can listen here on our website. Each episode will be posted with the show notes. You can also subscribe and listen on any major podcast platform…iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, etc.

Anything else?

Please let us know what you think about the podcast and any feedback or ideas you have! You can email us at

Can you tell we're excited about this?!

Sunset in the Bolivian jungle

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