Episode 8 - Life in the Bolivian Jungle Volunteering with Etta Projects

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Episode 8 is all about our time living in the Bolivian jungle. We spent 9 weeks, from the end of August to the end of October 2018, volunteering with a non-governmental organization called Etta Projects. We discuss the projects we worked on, people we met, and some fun adventures along the way. Did we mention that the insects are huge in the jungle and we literally saw a spider crossing the road?! Also, stay tuned for recordings of birds, cicadas, and monkeys at the end of the episode - you'll actually feel like you were in the jungle with us! We’ve posted photos from the adventure below!

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More photos from Life in the Bolivian Jungle!

A group of volunteers working at Tekoati

The entrance to Tekoati and the Comedor (outdoor eating area)

The cabins at Tekoati. We lived in the top right one, called the Pasanka.

The kitchen and hiking trails

Picking bananas with Alfredo

The waterfall at the end of our hike in the Amboro National Park and Kris cutting up pineapple like a Bolivian

Sonso! One of the dogs that we semi-adopted while we were living there. And us with Luiz, one of the Bolivian workers that we worked a lot with.

A moth bigger than Kris' hand! And the outside rustic kitchen.

Driving the Tekoati jeep!

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