Episode 6 - Sucre & the Bolivian Salt Flats

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This week we share our experience spending one month in Sucre, Bolivia at Fenix Spanish school. We talk about some of our favorite attractions in Sucre and our adventures doing a 4-day tour of the Bolivian Salt Flats with Tupiza Tours. This all took place in August 2018. Also, Kris had some wine and gets a little sassy... It won't happen again. We've posted photos from the month below!

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More photos from Sucre and the Bolivian Salt Flats!

Heidi, our amazing Spanish school teacher!

Lookout over Sucre from the San Felipi Neri school

Wallyball and cooking classes with our Spanish school

Jurassic Park in 3D (and in Spanish)

Fresh juice at the market

Pizza with Patty, one of the owners of the Spanish school

Bus to Tupiza, Bolivia to start the salt flats tour

Tupiza, Bolivia

Day 1 of the Bolivian Salt Flats Tour

Dinner during the tour with new friends!

Our hostel room (that was freezing!)

Starting to see some of the lagoons

Hot Springs!


Our Land Cruiser

Laguna Verde (the green lagoon)

More Flamingos!

Sunrise at the salt flats and a stop at one of the train tracks near the salt flats

The incredible salt flats!

The whole group - what a fantastic experience despite Kris feeling sick a lot of the time

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