Episode 17 - Epic Patagonia Campervan Trip Part 2

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In 2007, Kris and I drove a campervan twice in Australia for one week at a time and fell in love with that type of travel. We always dreamed of doing a longer trip and decided to make it happen in Patagonia. From February 25 to April 2, 2019, we drove a campervan from Punta Arenas to Santiago, Chile. We explored southern Argentinian Patagonia, spent a lot of our time driving the Carretera Austral through Chilean Patagonia, then crossed back into Argentina further north before crossing again back to Chile near Santiago. We covered almost 4,000 miles in 5 weeks. This episode is a compilation of excerpts we recorded during the second half of our van trip (go listen to Episode 16 for the first part). It was an epic adventure so listen now! We’ve posted additional photos below.

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More photos from the second half of our road trip!

Epic sunset near Chaiten

Ferry ride!

Dinner in RMB (Raul Malin Balamceda)

Boat tour in RMB

Ice Cream at Pudu, our favorite place in Puerto Varas!

Camped at Espantapajaros

Beer in Bariloche, Argentina

Beer in Bariloche, Argentina

Yeti Campground in Bariloche, Argentina

Lookout near Bariloche

Great view in the morning

Hike to a waterfall on the Siete Lagos drive in Argentina

Parking next to the big rigs in San Martin de los Andes, Argentina

Camped in the middle of the desert

Campsite in Argentina with all the animals

Puppies attacking Kris after his shower

Crossing the Andes back to Chile

Crossing the Andes back to Chile

Camping at a restaurant in San Felipe where a workout class was also going on

Dinner on the coast

Hiking along the coast

A night out with new friends in the Pisco Valley

Campsite in the Pisco Valley

Campsite in the Pisco Valley

Hanging out with new friends in the Pisco Valley

Last campsite at a gas station in Santiago!

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