Episode 15 - Unexpected Adventures in Mendoza, Argentina

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In February 2019, we spent almost a month in the Mendoza region of Argentina. These few weeks turned out to have quite a few adventures. From a failed workaway, to water issues at two different Airbnbs (one with too much water, one with too little water), and other fun experiences, the month did not turn out like we anticipated. Go listen now! We’ve posted additional photos below.

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Mendoza, Argentina

The Mendoza and San Rafael regions of Argentina

More photos from our time in Mendoza and San Rafael

First night in Mendoza...beers in the city!

Restaurant Naranja Blue in San Rafael

Restaurant Naranja Blue in San Rafael

One of the dogs at the restaurant and wine and appetizers at our Airbnb

Food truck rally in San Rafael - this guy made the BEST french crepes!

Food truck rally in San Rafael with live music

Exploring the landscape around San Rafael

Dinner near los Reyunos

Successfully found a place to get haircuts in San Rafael

Landscapes around San Rafael

You can never eat too much ice cream!

Delicious empanadas!

One of the reservoirs near San Rafael and dinner at a winery

We went boogie boarding/tubing down the river

Finca Los Alamos - the winery with a maze

A HUGE sandwich in San Rafael (we split it and even had leftovers)

Wine tasting with Tina and Rob in San Rafael

Checking out the maze at the winery

Wine tasting with friends

Kim and Tina at our Airbnb

Tango dancing in Mendoza!

Mendoza city and the start of our bike tour to wineries

Winery #1 of the Wine-Bike Tour

Winery #4 of the Wine-Bike Tour

Tour at the Giol Winery

Wine tasting!

Lunch during wine tasting and the streets in Mendoza

More wine tasting during the bike tour

Rooftop bar in Mendoza

Walking in the park in Mendoza

More ice cream and beer in Mendoza - we loved the warm nights!

Delicious crepes and ice cream at the food truck rally

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