Episode 13 - Volunteering on a Farm in Puerto Octay, Chile

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From November 2018 to January 2019 we lived near Puerto Octay, Chile volunteering at a farm and restaurant called Espantapajaros (scarecrow in Spanish). We had a wonderful time getting to know the owners of the farm and other volunteers, helping out on the farm (hint: it was mostly yard work!), and having a few local adventures. This episode recaps our experiences including eating delicious food at the buffet, a 4-day backpacking adventure, and watching a dog eat a chicken! Go Listen! We’ve posted additional photos below.

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Earning Happiness by John Bartmann licensed under a CC0 1.0 Universal License.

More photos from our time in Puerto Octay, Chile!

Kris and I with the Orsorno Volcano, we had this view almost every day!

Espantapajaros - the scarecrow restaurant

Our Christmas card from Espantapajaros

The farm house where we lived with Antonio and other volunteers

Eating lunch at the restaurant

So much meat for the restaurant!

Inside the restaurant

Other volunteers (Simon and Maja) and Antonio (who we lived in the farmhouse with)

Hanging out at the restaurant

Volunteering with Simon and Maja

Us with Cornelia, the owner of the restaurant

Our dinner for everyone at the restaurant!

Us with Antonio (who lived in the farmhouse) and Camila (another volunteer from Brazil)

Us with Nico (the restaurant manager and volunteer coordinator)

Farm work!

Raking at the museum

The car we borrowed from the restaurant started smoking 1/2 way up the volcano so we turned around!

The chicken that Lynn destroyed on New Years Eve

The Great Grandpa Alerce Tree and the Hot Springs (Termas Geometricas)

Hiking with Nico!

A 4-day backpacking adventure in Cochamó. Check out more photos on our Instagram page!

Hiking in Cochamó and Kris getting stalked by a horse

Christmas gifts!

Christmas Eve breakfast at the restaurant

Birthday cake and ice cream

New Years Eve! Cheers to 2019!

New Years Eve with other volunteers

Krissy and Nick, friends from Michigan Tech came to visit for a few days!

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