Episode 12 - Interview with Suzanne: Raising a Family in Bolivia and Environmental Conservation

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For this interview, we sit down with Suzanne in her home in Buena Vista, Bolivia. She is originally from the U.S. and her husband, Papacho, is from Bolivia. They met in Bolivia, moved to the states for 9 years, and then moved back to Bolivia. Both are dedicated to environmental conservation and to cultivating an appreciation of the natural world in others. They are avid birders and we even got to go on a International Big Day with them! We chat about the transitions from Bolivia to the US and back, education for their children, Nala and Rio, and tourism and conservation in Bolivia's National Parks. And we challenge Suzanne to name all of Papacho's 14 siblings at the end of the interview! Go listen now! Additional photos posted below.

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Bird Watching Bolivia (Suzanne and Papacho's Website)

Facebook Page: Curichi Cuajo

Birds of Bolivia

YouTube Bolivia Big Day Video

Etta Projects

la Fundación Amigos de la Naturaleza (FAN - A Bolivian conservation organization)

A Guide to Amboro National Park

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Map of Bolivia showing Buena Vista (where Suzanne lives now and we lived and worked with Etta Projects), Mairana (where Suzanne did her Peace Corps service), and Sucre (where we went to Spanish school - listen to Ep 6!). Amboro National Park is located in the valley south of Buena Vista.


Additional Photos!

Interview in Suzanne and Papacho's home in Buena Vista, Bolivia

The end of a successful International Big Day with Suzanne and Papacho in October 2018

Seeing the elusive Guajojo during the Big Day. Read about the Bolivian legend of the Guajojo bird here!

Suzanne crosses a river to get a better look at a rare bird.

Birding with a group from Etta Projects. Check out Kris' birding stance!

Birding from the back of the truck during the Big Day.

Looking for more birds!

We found one!

We had a blast birding with Suzanne and Papacho!

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