Changes in Perspective

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"Travel is rich with learning opportunities, and the ultimate souvenir is a broader perspective."

- Rick Steves

It’s amazing how travel can change your perspective on things. A few days ago we were laying in bed remarking how comfortable we felt in what could be an unusual situation. We were sleeping in essentially a stranger’s bed, in their bedroom, in their house, watching their dogs, and we felt completely comfortable. We’re currently housesitting and dogsitting in the Boston area for a couple that we met through Trusted Housesitters. We had a skype call with the couple before driving here and spent the first 18 hours of our visit with them here. They were able to show us everything we needed to know about the house and the dogs before we dropped them off at the airport for their two week trip. So in all fairness, they weren’t complete strangers.

Travel has a way of changing your perspective. Things that once felt uncomfortable or weird no longer do. You learn to read people and look for red flags but also accept the generosity of incredibly kind people. You learn to sleep in new environments and adapt to quickly changing situations. We did not realize how much the year of travel in South America changed our perspective, but when we arrived at our housesit, it became obvious that maybe this wouldn’t be a comfortable situation for everyone.

As for us, our plans have evolved a bit. When we left home in May 2018, we had the goal of volunteering and traveling in South America for approximately a year. It ended up being eleven months in total, but we didn't know what came after that. We returned home this past summer and spent a few months adjusting to life back in the States, doing some work for our families, and figuring out our next steps. Originally we had planned on traveling the U.S. on our bicycles starting this fall. However, for many reasons, that plan changed and we decided to try some housesitting and look for remote jobs that would provide a little more stability.

So, here we are, watching two Goldendoodles outside Boston, enjoying a beautiful fall in the northeast, and keeping our options open. Our next steps after Boston will be to drive to Southern California where Kris has a job opportunity he is pursuing along with some more housesitting. Driving across the country was not in the original plan, but plans change!

To be honest, we aren’t sure what the future of this blog or podcast will be. We might record more podcast episodes, write more blog posts, or change the direction completely. Overall, we’re going to keep the same purpose of this website, to share our journey and hopefully inspire a few people along the way to not be afraid to push boundaries and change your perspective in life.

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