About Us

Hi! We are Kim and Kris... A married couple in our early 30's who have been working traditional corporate engineering jobs for the past eight years. We kind of got tired of it. So, we decided to head out into the world to find/create work and volunteer opportunities that will inspire us and give back to local communities.


We are seeking out organizations and people that are dedicated to having a positive impact in the world. We have no religious affiliations or sponsorship obligations. Our goal is to find people who are doing amazing things and then find ways to support their cause in any way we can. 

The purpose of this website is to share our journey and hopefully inspire a few people along the way. We want to document the places we go and the work we do, show how you can get there yourself, and (hopefully) prove that you don't need to be a gazillionaire to do it... Otherwise, it's going to be a pretty quick trip! 

Feel free to reach out and say hi, ask us questions, or share any suggestions you may have.